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The Team

Justice Lacrosse actively supports multi-sport athletes.  In addition to players who have long participated in youth lacrosse, the team's ranks include more recently recruited athletes that also compete in football, hockey, wrestling, and track.

Our Mission

Our Team Philosophy

As coaches on the Justice Boys Lacrosse program aspire to motivate our team and players to work hard, to compete, and to enjoy playing lacrosse. We aspire to lead our students both on and off the field, and are excited to build an environment and culture that involves our players with the school, their families, and the community.


With major focuses on academics, attendance, and attitude, we will develop trust and respect, and provide encouragement to ensure our players are well prepared for success in life after graduation.


We have three main objectives to provide a positive lacrosse experience and develop young men into community leaders and role models: 


  1. Effort - 100% is required to conquering all challenging circumstances

  2. Attitude -  Great attitude is paramount for the foundations of success

  3. Toughness - That extra something that separates the extraordinary person from the rest

#Wolves EAT!!


Program Goals:

  • All players graduate High School

  • Support seniors in pursuing post-graduate higher education or professional opportunities

  • Win the Pam Jones Team Award (highest GPA)

  • Improve program participation and retention rate in our HS, MS, and Youth Programs

  • Increase community service and team bonding activities

  • Improve class attendance

  • Increase the number of multi-sport athletes on the team 

  • More players on club teams and in lacrosse leagues (help financially with this when needed)

  • Win District Championship

  • Win a Regional Tournament Game



The first day of tryouts for the 2022 spring season is February 21st.  
Coach Namen will hold an interest meeting about two weeks ahead of time and will schedule equipment handouts a week before.  If you are interested in trying out for the team for the first time, please send an interest email to Coach Namen at 
ALL PAPERWORK including physical is needed by February 18.  See the Forms/Documents page for more information.

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