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Max Frutos '22

I started playing lacrosse my sophomore year and haven’t put down my stick since. I play LSM and Close defense. Over the COVID lockdown, I was constantly practicing with fellow captains and teammates Nico and Max and they helped teach me skills they had learned. I quickly fell in love with the sport and fully invested in it as my main sport, working on my game on the field and in the weight room. Thanks to the hard work and dedication, I was a part of the amazing team that won Justice’s first district championship and was personally awarded 2nd Team All-District LSM. Outside of lacrosse I ran cross country and played out of school lacrosse for leagues in the area to keep in shape. 


For this season as a captain, I hope to help lead and push this team to winning the district championship again. I’d also like to help further build and grow this amazing program that took me in as one of their own.

Cooper Wiley '22

I started playing lacrosse my sophomore year, but our season was cut short after a couple of weeks due to covid. I continued to play over the summer with my friends and fellow captains to sharpen our game. When the next season started I contributed to our district winning team with the most assists in the district. I was awarded first team all-district, second team all-region, and the coaches award. I was also awarded captaincy for my upcoming senior year season alongside Nico Panelo, Max Frutos, and Max Van Zandt. 


Alongside playing lacrosse, I play ice hockey, soccer, and swim. I am committed to the Wesleyan University, where I hope to play hockey. As captain this year, I hope to lead the team to another district championship, and instill a positive, winning culture. 

I started playing lacrosse in 8th grade with the Junior Wolves Lacrosse Program and then played a season with Annandale Youth Lacrosse. My first season I was not a starter, but I worked hard in the offseason to make contributions to the JV team as a freshman. Throughout quarantine, I worked on developing my offhand by wallballing. Towards the latter half of quarantine and during the virtual school year, I trained with my fellow captains almost every day, playing wherever we could. I also played for NOVA Select Lacrosse with my Justice teammates during the summer and fall of 2021. During my Junior year I earned the rank of Eagle Scout, earned the highest GPA on the team, and made 2nd team All-District. 

I'm proud to be captain alongside three great examples of dedication, and I hope to contribute to defending our district title. My goal this season is to instill hard work and leadership in the underclassmen, ensuring a lasting positive and winning culture. 

Nico Panello '22

I started playing lacrosse in 8th grade and immediately fell in love with the game. I worked hard to continually grow my skills and learn the game. When quarantine started, along with my fellow captains and our other friends, we played together to grow our game even further. As a result, we were able to help our team win its first district championship. 


Alongside playing lacrosse, I ran cross country and track and field. These sports really helped me improved my endurance for playing midfield. After high school, I will most likely be attending George Mason University, going down the nursing path. 

Max Van Zandt '22

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